When to eat them?

The 90 day weight loss diet is the most commented diet among people. It's normal, because split eating is an extremely effective way if you want to lose weight. But where do nuts fit into the structure of this special diet?
Add ElitNuts to a 90 day diet
As we know, there are four main types of days in the diet - protein, starch, carbohydrate and vitamin. Nuts fall into the latter category, where fruits, vegetable juices and fresh vegetables are eaten. These days act refreshing to the body and the only allowed snack is fruit. Two pieces of the same type of fruit are allowed, and try not to exceed 300 grams. If you can't eat just fruit for breakfast, that's where ElitNuts come in. They are the perfect substitute. Eat 25 - 40 grams of almonds, peanuts and other ElitNuts.