ELiT NUT BAR, part of Elit-P portfolio, now have a new and exciting look that distinguishes them and makes the choice of flavour easy and recognizable. The delicious and hunger-satisfying nut bars are now Superbarnuti in colourful and fresh packaging.

  • Red colour for NUT BAR with dark and milk chocolate, almonds and peanuts
  • Blue colour for salty-sweet tastes lovers – the irresistible salted caramel nut bar with milk chocolate, almonds and peanuts
  • Yellow colour will fill you with the delight of nature, the gentle and healthy fusion of honey enveloping the crunchy nuts and delicious Belgian milk chocolate for total enjoyment.
  • Green and soft pink for lovers of nuts combination with fruit, such as a calming green nut bar with raisins and lime and pink euphoria of cranberry and yogurt.
ELiT NUT BAR with a new, colorful and distinctive look.

For the moments when time is limited and hunger prevails, for the moments when we are on a walk in nature and need support and a burst of energy, or for any moment when we need a crunchy nutty delight.

ELiT NUT BAR – more than a bar 😊