What are the health benefits of eating cashews regularly?

If we have yet to talk about how cashews taste and how good they are for you, then you are seriously missing out. And we strongly advise you to catch up. So we’re doing a quick ‘print review’. Born in Brazil, passed through Africa and Asia to reach you, this traveling nut seems to have gathered all the grace of the sun and the soil.

One cashew – many health benefits

Let’s see what exactly it does for us?

  1. First of all, those concerned about their diet and weight can rest easy. Cashews have a low glycemic index and provide us with the much-desired slow carbohydrates (26.9 g per 100 g).
  1. Cashews taken regularly can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the condition of the blood vessels and helps to reduce the so-called bad cholesterol.
  1. It is beneficial for the bone system. “K” like cashews, like calcium and vitamin K. Exactly. Indeed, these useful substances in it strengthen our bones and prevent them from demineralizing, respectively breaking more easily.
  1. Don’t let the high fat content bother you. Most of them are unsaturated, that is, they contain useful fatty acids. On the other hand, it is the fat in cashews that will fill you up quickly because your stomach will send a message to your brain that it doesn’t need more calories. And the good thing is that it will last for a long enough time. Here’s an idea for a life-saving snack between main meals.
  1. Having mentioned the high amount of beneficial fatty acids, let’s not forget the brain benefits they bring us. So consuming cashews is great for memory and our cognitive abilities in general. In two words – a smart nut.
  1. Cashews reduce the risk of developing gallstones. This is also related to its ability to reduce bad cholesterol and spare the liver.
  1. Eat cashews and you will be forever young. Well, it’s hardly achievable. But it is true that with its help you will eliminate free radicals, namely they are enemies of a good appearance. In addition, cashews are also rich in selenium. This effectively makes it a pretty good antioxidant.

We hope, for today, we have melted all your doubts about which ELiT nuts to eat. If you already bring us a handful of healthy cashews, we just remind you that there are many dishes in which you can include it. For example, Indian chicken masala with cashew paste. Bon Appetite!