Which nuts are best to eat if you are on a diet?

Vitamin bomb! Yes, it's nuts, in the best sense. Rich in so many beneficial nutrients, they are a true food of happiness. You can find them in almost every weight loss regime, but it's important to know which nuts have more and which have fewer calories - to get the best result, of course. Unsalted and raw nuts are the most beneficial, so avoid fried or salted nuts.
Today we are talking about calories in nuts!
Now we'll show you which nuts have the least calories:
  • Almonds
They are one of the nuts with the lowest calorie content. The exact number is 570 calories per 100g. It may sound like a lot, but almonds protect against the yo-yo effect of dieting.
  • Porridge
When raw, cashews are super useful. It contains 553 calories in 100 grams, and according to various studies, it also helps depression. Instead of eating a barrel of chocolate, grab a handful of cashews.
  • Nuts
They have 650 calories in 100 g. In general, walnuts are the most beneficial for health and are the best food for the brain. Which nuts rank on the list with the most calories:
  • Macadamias and pecans have nearly 700 calories per 100g and are high in fat.
  • Fried nuts like peanuts and fried corn are also high in calories, so avoid them if you're on a diet.