We have something to share with you. And we at ELiTnuts have no favorites among nuts and mixes. But then "All" is not an answer. Because there are as many people as there are tastes. That's why we just care about quality and try to offer you different options. Let's start somewhere. You like to see a variety of raw nuts in your hand. OK. You want us to add dried fruit as well. We've already done it for you. We have great mixes for every taste. Let's focus on three of them and make a quick analysis to orient you. You'll thank us later 😊
What's your nut mix
GREEN MIX, raw nuts and dried fruits King Almond and Prince Brazil Nut reign supreme here, with 30% and 25% of the total content, respectively. You can, of course, call them whatever you want. However, they are entirely at your disposal. To keep them in excellent company, we have added golden raisins and jumbo raisins to the nuts (respectively 25% and 20% of the total content). As they say, be sweet. Besides the pleasure, let's see what you get, in numbers:
  • 528 kcal of clean energy from nature.
  • 34.7 g of fat
  • 12.19 g of protein
  • 41.59 g of carbohydrates
  BLUE MIX, raw nuts and dried fruits Here, cashews (35%) are in first place, followed closely by pecans (20%). And in this competition of beauty, grace and health benefits, we have added coconut (20%) and dried cranberry raisins (25%) for sweetness and luxury. The dry, sorry, raw numbers:
  • 556 kcal of energy.
  • 37.22 g of fat
  • 10.86 g of protein
  • 44.33 g carbohydrates
  PINK MIX, raw nuts and dried fruits Pink is our weakness and sweetness. And it cannot be otherwise with the dominant (50%) presence of dates in this mix. Cashews and almonds each have 25% of the total and are just right here to add thickness and crunch. Feel them on your palate, right? Now open your eyes and look at the numbers:
  • 438 kcal of energy.
  • 21.51 g of fat
  • 10.25 g of protein
  • 50.76 g of carbohydrates
  Have you chosen your color and mix yet? For now, we won't complicate your choice with more offers. We will just add that each of the three options provides you with natural energy and you have a delicious and antioxidant helper on your side in your hectic everyday life. Keep conquering the world. (With a handful of mix on hand).