A diet that will satiate your body with the necessary amounts of vitamins.

  Just 5 days of following this great diet with nuts and dried fruits, and you will feel great! Apart from the weight loss benefits, this diet also gives you many valuable vitamins for your body. Go for apricots, raisins, prunes, and the nuts are clear - get your favourite ElitNuts.
Wonderful diet with ElitNuts and dried fruits
Now to the point. Do every morning the combination of nuts 150 g and 300 g of dried fruit. Take this amount all day and it will keep you full, and smiling. It is good to divide your meal into several parts, at your discretion. We, and the creators of this diet, advise you to eat the mixture in 5 parts in one day. Id. Why is this mode super cool?
  • It does not take much time. No matter how busy you are, you can eat on your feet.
  • No special preparation or culinary skills required.
  • You will notice results in weight after a very short time.
  • You'll be in a great mood.
  Have a nice crunch!